Literal burn

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And theres more memories to make.

Small recap.


So much has happened. Good things of course! Jonathan and I can splurge a little more so we are going on more dates. We went to La Creperie Cafe and had AMAZING crepes and yummy wine it was lovely. This friday we are going to far bar and chop suey cafe. Hopefully it’s going to be lovely and maybe we can head to the americana after to walk around and watch annabelle at the amc there since jonathan has been dying to see it. We both finally got the games we have been dying to get..His destiny and my Shadow of mordor…. We find ourselves more in love which after everything we both have been through….it’s a welcoming emotion.. Life’s good as of right now we have our struggles of course but hopefully when jonathan finishes his welding classes and gets certified I can finally start my classes and get certified right after. Our goal is to be a power couple and I can’t wait to do the things we’ve been dying to do since foreverrrr…. so many pictures and videos I want to upload but so little time DX Soon I hope.

Zoe’s first day Pt.1… She was very scared :(

Our rats sookie and zoe.

So we got our first rat “zoe” yesterday and today we picked up our second rat named sookie. I was so worried they weren’t going to get along…So when we opened sookies  little box and gently placed her in the cage immediately zoe came to check her out..Which made me happy because all day yesterday zoe was huddled in a corner not moving..she would look at us and then hide….Now I’m happy to say zoe is running around tackling sookie. They definitely are seeing who’s stronger then who zoe is the one usually starting the fight..So far I’ve noticed zoe is a little more of a outside thinker then sookie. They couldn’t figure out how to get to the second level of their cage to their water and they were climbing and standing trying to figure out a way…Until zoe finally figured out how to climb the little ramp and soon after sookie followed her lead..Sookie is a jumper and zoe likes to climb. It’s adorable how I can already tell how different their personalities are. They are still a little afraid of us but we are excited and can’t wait to show them love and teach them tricks. I hope we turn out to be good rat parents…..All in due time.